Our Equipment

Fire Safti Equipment
Helmet, Fire Suit, Shoes, Hand glows, Safety belts, Oxygen masks etc.
Fire Extinguishers
All types of fire extinguisher- Water, DCP, Co2, Foam, ABC Store Pressure etc.
Fire Hydrant System / Sprinkler System Accessories
branch pipes, Hydrant Valves, Couplings, Water Monitors, Foam Monitors, Hose Monitors, Hose Boxes, House Reels, All type of Nozzles, Fire Buckets, Control Panels, Sprinklers, Smoke Detectors etc.

Alarm Systems


There are two types of loop-powered sounders available, one ceiling-mounted (85dB) and one stand-alone (100dB).


Oblique Flanged Inlet
NI 101

The XP95 multisensor detector contains an optical smoke sensor and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value.


XP95 Manual Call Point

When operated, the manual call point interrupts the polling cycle and can report its address in under 0.2 seconds.

Fire Extinguishers

Water Type Fire Extinguishers


Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguishers


Dry Powder Cartridge Type Fire Extinguishers


Carbon Di-Oxide Fire Extinguishers